Academic Programs

Montessori Programs:

Students in preschool through grade six use the incredible Montessori materials in their learning. In a warm and caring environment WHS encourages a high quality of work, thought, mastery of content and skill. Students are able to progress at their optimal pace. WHS is dedicated to teaching children the learning skills necessary for success in life including a love of work, the ability to concentrate and self-discipline.

College Preparatory:

Students in junior high and senior high are part of WHS's college preparatory program. They use up-to-date textbooks in the required subject matter. Students are expected to master the material presented. Students who are able to move ahead in subject areas can do so. WHS maintains a dual- enrollment program with the local community college, Pasco-Hernando Community College. Qualified students are able to take college courses while still in high school that count both for high school and college credit.

Summer Programs:

At Wider Horizons School the summer program is a continuation of the learning process with structured thematic activities.

Dual Enrollment:
High academic students who have completed their sophomore year at Wider Horizons School and receive a recommendation from their teachers and authorization from administration at Wider Horizons School can begin classes at P-HCC. Please read our Dual Enrollment Policy for more information.