Dual Enrollment Policy

High academic students who have completed their sophomore year at Wider Horizons School,
have successfully completed Advanced Mathematics and have received a recommendation from
their teachers and authorization from administration can begin classes at Pasco- Hernando
State College.

Students who have not taken the SAT or ACT are required to take the College Placement Test
before they can register for classes. There are a variety of forms needed to be completed and
taken to the community college counselor to register. Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA.

Exceptional students can take their junior and/or senior high school years at P-HSC in the Dual
Enrollment Program. High academic students can take one or two classes in the afternoon and
evening and continue to complete their high school courses at WHS.

  • Students taking all their courses at P-HSC still need to fulfill the required high school courses
    needed for graduation in Florida. 
  • Advanced Math must be completed before a student can attend P-HSC full time.
  • High school English III and IV can be replaced at P-HSC with English Composition I and II,
    and two other English courses.
  • Students need to take two science courses to complete the science requirement.

Dual enrolled students are expected to be peer teachers with younger students at WHS on the
days they do not have college classes.