Front entrance
Wider Horizons School is located in a quiet residential area on five fully fenced and treed acres.
There are two classroom buildings joined by a covered walkway.

Basketball court

There is a large playing field, a smaller field for games, a volleyball court, a playground with
physical fitness challenge equipment and a climbing gym. There is a sandbox for the
younger children and a basketball, tennis court for the older students. There is a map of
the United States painted on one corner of the parking lot for geography games.

Preschool students have their own playground with covered play spaces and climbing
chalet with slide. They have access to a large play area for games.

The buildings surround a beautiful garden with trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers. The
lower elementary classes are in charge of keeping the garden looking good. Around
the garden are large picnic tables for eating lunch. In sunny Florida lunch can be eaten
outside nearly every day.

There is a large gazebo used by different classes who want to be outdoors for awhile.
Even in winter it is usually warm enough to use the gazebo. The gazebo has the
added feature of a small resident owl living inside for the past few years.

Parking lot
The parking lot leads directly to the front office for security. The entire property is
surrounded by chain link fence and is closed with a large gate.