Imagine a school :

Where students become good citizens ready to become a welcome
addition to American society.

Where each individual child moves ahead as quickly as he/she is able.

Where the child is taught that it is good to be smart and to learn new

Where children learn all the subjects parents expect: geography, history,
math, English grammar, cursive writing, civics, classic literature,
composition, foreign language, art, music and physical education.

Where students learn that quality work is expected, not just getting by
or taking short cuts.

Where time management and academic skills are practiced to mastery.

Where students discover what their own personal learning style is and
use it to learn new material more effectively.

Where students learn that competence- actually knowing- brings

Where students have daily outdoor exercise and physical fitness.

Where students graduate with a two-year college degree as well as a
high school diploma.

All of this is happening now at Wider Horizons School, so there is no
need to imagine any longer.