Testimonial by Lisa M. Hammond

"In 2004 I chose Wider Horizons School for the Montessori methods. My
daughter was four years old and although I was not quite ready to let her
go, I knew she would benefit from greater interaction with children her own
age. I made the right decision and I’ve never looked back.

Although I chose Wider Horizons for the Montessori methods, I stayed for
the academics, values, and leadership development opportunities. As a
single Mother, it is important to me that my daughter spends the majority
of her day in an environment that espouses the same values and beliefs
that I do – respect for others, courtesy, generosity, honesty, conservative
principles, and high expectations. I also want a safe environment that will
not tolerate bullying, disrespect, cliques, or other behaviors that distract
from learning, and impair confidence.

The Montessori methods create a foundation for lifelong learning and
Wider Horizons teaches respect for materials and organization of work
products that become habits in other areas of life. My daughter is never
bored, she reads, plays the fiddle, and is a competitive soccer player. She
has a computer, but it collects dust. She has a DS3, but only plays it on
flights. When traveling to soccer matches she is usually buried in a book,
or enjoying a Sudoku game or word scrambler.

Is my daughter different? Yes. She is mature for her age. She is
introspective. She is very inquisitive. She is polite, confident, talented, and
very enjoyable. She is sensitive, kind, and cares for others. At 11 years
old, she has far greater maturity than her years and can reason better than
many adults I know.

I chose Wider Horizons for the Montessori methods, but I stayed because
it works."

Lisa M. Hammond