WHS celebrates holidays like Constitution Day on September 17 where students memorize parts of the Constitution of the United States to recite with classmates or to other classes. Veterans Day is celebrated inviting our veteran parents and grandparents to come to school for singing and appreciation of their service.

Thanksgiving is celebrated with each class making a part of the Thanksgiving feast and all students enjoying the feast served by the older students.

Christmas is celebrated by gift-giving where we partner with St. Vincent de Paul who assigns us a local family in need for each class. That class brings special holiday gifts for their assigned family to make their Christmas merry. We also have a Carol Sing for students and parents and upper-level students go to various assisted living facilities to sing carols as well. After the New Year, we celebrate Chinese New Year with all the students going to a local Chinese restaurant where we meet the parents and enjoy a meal together.

During the year we will recognize holidays celebrated by certain students such as Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid, or any others.