The Primary level includes kindergarten and first grade. Students continue their learning depending on their level of proficiency. If they are already reading they continue to improve. If they need to learn the phonetic sounds and the alphabet, that is where they begin. Students advance as quickly as they master the material. Handwriting using the D’Nealian style is emphasized. Students begin to develop beautiful handwriting.

The math facts are memorized in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The children are proud of their accomplishments in math and are excited about learning the more complex operations in math using the wonderful Montessori math materials.

There are many sequential Montessori language materials that help students improve their reading skills and understanding of the English language. Students move ahead as quickly as they are able to complete the activities correctly. 

Spanish language is continued. A formal music class is held but singing goes on everyday. Art is a part of the daily activities in science, culture studies, or preparing for a particular holiday. The class has snack and lunch outdoors if weather permits. They play outside daily learning how to win or lose in games, encourage their peers and learn physical skills.

Primary students take part in the Biography Fair and Science Expo as well as World Culture Day.